When its time to plan a road trip, its important to take care of the car, truck or SUV that will get you to your destination. The last thing you would want is a trip interruption or be stranded in the middle of the road in an unfamiliar place.  Our certified service technicians can help prevent a road trip interruption by performing an inspection to find the needed items your vehicle may need.  Some of the important items we check include:

  • Tires -  its important to check your tire pressure for under inflation or even over inflation.  The inflation of your tires is very important as it affects how your tires wear, how your vehicle rides, and can affect your fuel economy.  Not only do we check your pressures, we inspect the tire tread depth, the overall condition of tires and  for any cracks or irregular tire wear.
  • Belts and Hoses -  Your belts and hoses are made out of rubber and over time and mileage can start develop hardness in the rubber which will lead to cracking.  The belts on your vehicle are very important as they operate your air conditioning compressor, your water pump, and your electrical generator.  The hoses are needed to route your coolant through the cooling system.  Any leaks detected in and around the hoses can cause detrimental engine damage and should always be inspected prior to a road trip. 
  • Transmission -  Your Transmission fluid is an extreme importance to inspect both the level and the condition prior to any road trip.  The fluid should always be clean as the internal components of your transmission have small tollerances.  Clean fluid also helps keep your transmission cooler as the lubrication properties can flow between the friction components and help keep it cool.  Dirty fluid loses its lubricity over time and under severe heat should be regularly changed. 
  • Air conditioning -  Air conditioning on a road trip provides you and your passengers comfort while driving.  An AC service and inspection is always recommended prior to a long trip to keep everyone comfortable.
  • Oil change -  when you are hitting the road, we recommend to bring it in for an oil change and a courtesy inspection.  Be sure to tell your advisor you are planning a trip.  Along with changing your oil to help keep your engines rotating parts lubricated, this also helps keep your engine running smoothly and cooler when you are on the road.  Fresh oil has higher lubricity and helps to keep your engine running at its optimum performance. 

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